On The Inspire Diet? Make tonight Family Burger Night. Making good food choices tastes great and feels even better! Now that I live a little further from the grocery store, I have to plan more carefully for a few additional suppers each week.

PRO TIP: Walmart has an organic meat section tucked into a tiny corner of the fresh meats, but you really must LOOK to find it.

I love the Marketside Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef or Bison Patties. Four pre-made vacuum packed burgers that keep for ten days in the fridge - they are super lean, taste great and cook in five minutes on those nights where I have run out of day.

My solution for a fast supper when everyone is hungry is to make Burger Plates for everyone at the table. No 'special meals' in my house. If you make them the same way every time, your family will smile and say 'Yay, Burger Plates!' and not care that there isn't a bun.


  1. Season your burger patties with salt and pepper (or seasoning blend - I love Tony Chatchere's)
  2. Place in a pre heated nonstick skillet over medium high flame - you should hear that sizzle when they touch.
  3. While they cook, cut up lettuce and tomatoes and toss them in one big bowl with a couple tablespoons of Bolthouse Farms Ranch dressing (you dont use as much when you dress the whole bowl).
  4. PLATE YOUR MEAL. Make a pile of dressed salad on each plate, add your condiments and when the burgers are cooked to a nice medium they go on last.

PRO TIP: Channel your inner artist and fancy up the plate with squiggles of ketchup, mustard or even Sriracha! Garnish with pickle slices.

January 05, 2023
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk