Many times we see confusion about a word that we use frequently in our Bariatric Eating Support Group on Facebook.

That word? Fatbrain!

It stings. BUT....there's a reason it stings. We talk about Fatbrain a lot but obviously, some don't yet recognize it.

It's that little voice in your head. You know the one I mean, the one that says "Buy the cookies, you'll have one and then give the rest to the kids in their lunches."

Or "You LOST weight this week, you deserve that cake. Go ahead and order a slice."

Or "I NEED some crunch with my tuna. I'll grab a couple of crackers. A few don't hurt and I donít have them often."

How about "I go ahead and get the wrap but I won't eat ALL the tortilla, so it will be fine."

Fatbrain is that voice that tells you "go ahead because just a little won't hurt." when you remember that you have ice cream in your freezer.

My favorite one? "If I add a scoop of protein to this cake itís a healthy choice."

It sounds silly to read, and I know many of you are snickering a little but I would put money down that every single member in both our Facebook groups has a Fatbrain that lies to them daily.

Now I know it seems harsh to point it out this way, but here is the truth. Fatbrain doesn't just APPEAR out of the blue one day. Sadly WE are the cause & creators of our own Fatbrains. They came into our lives because we gave in all too often to those random thoughts about food. We created our very own worst enemy.

Want an example? Here's one from our Facebook Group, this was posted on a thread asking about what to do if you don't like Yogurt.

Think about it for a second.

Now consider that Doctoring up Yogurt is NOT an uncommon reaction. But ask yourself if this is smart, or Fatbrain at work:

Does this seem like a reasonable thing to do? Yogurt is a food some choose to eat because you think it's delicious, they DO come flavored after all and it's lower in calories while providing Protein. But if you don't actually like the taste, why eat it? There are so many OTHER fantastic sources of protein out there. Yogurt isn't mandatory in your journey if you don't like it out of the carton. Why spend so much time making it into something it's not AND adding calories along the way just to like the way it tastes? Fatbrain. It's Fatbrain aka OUR habits that make us think this is a smart way to get a high protein food in.

Thin people, you know those ones who "can eat whatever they like and not gain weight" don't think about ADDING stuff, and certainly not more yogurt, some cottage cheese & fruit when something is too thick. And if it's too tart or sour they don't add pudding mix to it and top it with nuts and whipped cream-like some sort of Sundae. Only Fatbrain comes up with ideas like that when in fact if something is thick, adding some liquid will thin out it in a second. And if something is too sour, just skip it. It's ok to not like the taste of food.

And that's ok if you have this issue. We can help. We come off as being stricter than most groups out there because WE SPEAK FATBRAIN TOO.

We have that same voice in our heads that lies about whether or not it's OK to order a coke "just this once since I don't dump" despite the fact that during your regain years you were drinking a case every few days.

In our Support group, our entire Admin Team draws a firm line in the sand because they know that Fatbrain will take an INCH of leeway and RUN with it and then suddenly you're STILL not in Onederland and you donít know what happened. They aren't singling you out. They aren't trying to be mean. They are trying to help you move beyond your own Fatbrain. Because the other truth is that Fatbrain will be easier to ignore when you stop feeding it every time it pops up.

In our groups, we speak from the heart because we speak with experience. We have a passion for helping others because WE KNOW. We know what Fatbrain says, but we know in your hearts that what you really want is better.

Stick with us. If you aren't a member come join us.

We can help show you how to stop listening to Fatbrain how to listen to your heart and get what you really want... a better life.


~~ Embracing Bariatric Life with a Smile, Suzi Shaw!

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