Don’t Expect Change Without Making One!

Don’t eat that bread.
That latte has 45 grams of sugar!
No macaroni salad.
Ummm, NO, you don’t NEED crunch.
NO tortillas.
No rice.
Drop the crackers.
You don’t *need* real sugar in your coffee!
Don’t drink with your meals.

Many Support Groups will give you a group hug and tell you ‘its okay’ that you ate the potatoes & bagel with your eggs because ‘everyone makes mistakes’. We are not that group. Groups who tell you ‘not to worry’ because it’s ‘Everything in Moderation’ are not doing you any favors.

Bariatric No's

It won’t last without change

There is no delicate way to say this. We have always set ourselves apart from other bariatric support groups in that we don’t look the other way while post ops continue to eat the bad carbs. We try and bring folks back to the bariatric reality. We coax you to knock off the pasta, rice, tortillas or bread and very often people get mad or try and justify it. For years we’ve watched people blow through this surgery and they all have the same story. Everyone thinks they are ‘different’, that they can handle the bad carbs and the sugar (they don’t get sick!) and ‘because they have lost 100 pounds in 7 months they must be doing something right’. Please understand, the surgery was responsible for your 100 pound drop. It’s a gift.

The first hundred pounds is the surgery

It is a critical point so we repeat it often – your surgery did it, not you. You are not driving the car for the first year. While it works early on, eating smaller amounts of the same foods that grew you to 300 pounds is not a good long term plan. Eventually you will be able to eat larger portions. Ask yourself WHY eating the same bad carbs and processed foods would be a good plan. No doctor has advised any of us to eat the same way post op as you did pre op. Post ops pick this up somewhere, latch on to it and defend it, often to the bitter end of a total regain. If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of quitting them.

No one fights for broccoli carbs!

It’s not that the bagel will kill you, it’s that these type of carbs make you hungry. They rapidly turn to glucose and burn… poof, gone, #lookingformore. They don’t provide any nutrients. They don’t create a feeling of satiety or lasting fullness. The empty carbs work against what you are trying to achieve. If you were arguing for eating salad carbs or green bean carbs, more power to you, but most people are fighting to hang on to foods without value. If this big argument was for VEGETABLES, well it wouldn’t be a debate as vegetables didn’t make us fat, did they? Did you ever meet an obese vegetarian and silently wonder ‘HUH?’, how’d they get obese if they are vegetarian? Same deal. It’s not the vegetables, it’s the other stuff, the processed carbs like French Bread Pizzas and Little Debbie Iced Oatmeal Pies, the fries, baked potatoes with both sour cream and butter, bread, macaroni, rice, tortillas and sugar! NOT broccoli. NOT tomatoes. NOT watermelon.

Square peg… round hole

Please stop looking for slightly better substitutes for bad choices and find new healthier foods to love instead. We keep trying to force that square peg into that round hole. Stop eating crackers and chips, don’t find ones that you can justify because they have fewer carbs. Enough with the terrible fishy shirataki tofu noodles and whole wheat macaroni and coconut flour flatbread wraps. Learn to live without bread and pasta so it will not call your name. We aren’t changing the behavior or trend if we continue eating them with slightly shifting the food choice. Before long you’ve got your hand back in the Doritos bag and fork in the Mac & Cheese.

Look It’s Protein Cheesecake!

Don’t add protein to muffins and convince yourself they’re good for you. Stop with the Starbucks Creme Brûlée Lattes because ‘they’re your one indulgence’ – they have 500 calories and thin people don’t even drink them. For gosh sakes DON’T MAKE TACO SHELLS FROM CHEESE! Stay the heck out of Wendy’s. I read a bariatric blog the other day touting all the ‘good choices’ in fast food restaurants. How about ‘stay out of them’. That’s the best choice of all! Why go to the place where you know there is danger. Before you know it, oops… there are fries in the bag!

You know people gain back weight, right?

In our first year of our Support Group on Facebook I cried for new members who have gained back all their weight. I am not immune after seventeen years, three bariatric books and knowing better. When life hit the fan, I comforted my bruises in the way I knew best and it took me twelve months to lose fifty five pounds of it. People are having revisions, a lovely sounding word for a second serious body damaging operation. What will change with more surgery? Unless there is major change along with that new surgery, won’t it have the same result?

Step away from the bagel!

Own that there was and maybe still is something wrong with your food picker. Use surgery as an opportunity to change, not cheat. I used be bothered by the ‘word on the street’ that we were called the carb or food police, but am now proud of it. If you want to promote the virtues of ‘Everything in Moderation’ while eating half a Subway sandwich, there are plenty of groups that will help you do that. If you want to eat right and learn new behaviors to make the feeling of slipping on those skinny jeans last, we have a support group and website that’s a healthier fit.

Bariatric Surgery IS the easy way out

Our surgery is personal food cop that is always with us, that helps us push away from the table. We make it hard when we don’t live by the bariatric rules we’ve been given. There is nothing harder then gaining weight back after surgery. There is nothing better than losing it a second time. Control is empowering.

If you need to pick up and start losing again, if you need to work off a regain, it’s not too late and your pouch works just fine if you choose the right foods. Clean those lethal carbs from your life and go back to bariatric eating – protein first and lots of fresh salad and vegetables. We’ve got the support for you to make that change!


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177 thoughts on “Not what you want to hear! BARIATRIC NO’s

      • Alison Garcia says:

        Hi Kelly! Bariatric Eating support and No More Regain are both closed groups. Your friends cannot see your posts or comments unless they also belong to the group. People who are not members can see that the group exists, and that you are a member, but no content is visible to them.

        • Susie says:

          Is there anyway to change the name of the group? I really don’t want people to know my business. My close friends know I had the surgery but co-workers, colleagues, etc. who are FB friends, do not and I would prefer to keep it that way. Seeing that group name in my list will keep me from joining the group, unfortunately.

      • Rena says:

        5 years post sleeve , lost around 140 lbs initially, have just recently started to gain back some of the weight. It scares me to no end. I am glad to have found this support site , I know that sugar and carbs are the demon that I deal with , I recently lost my husband to Cancer and found “comfort “ in eating them. I don’t want to regain my weight and am looking forward to your post to help and guide me. Thank you.

        • Tinnessa says:

          I’m 6yrs post op sleeve and I’ve gained and like you I’m freaking out ready to get back on my healthy kick protein shakes and healthy eating.

          • TERRY L HATER says:

            I wish this group had been around when I had my RNY 17 years ago. I lost 150 lbs, and then regained all but 50. There were no support groups around when I had my surgery. I didn’t know how to handle my weight loss, because I never really learned how to eat properly.

      • Alison Garcia says:

        Yes ma’am it is! Been there done that, never again!!! Many of us can’t do “just this once” or a little bit in moderation. Glad you agree!!! -Alison

    • donna waldron says:

      Don’t be ashamed!!! No one is shamed for being diabetic or having arthritis or high blood pressure (oh wait, unless you are “fat”, then it is your fault!), so join the group and be proud! You are not “fat”, you HAVE fat! You also have hair and fingernails and feet; you are NOT hair, fingernails or feet! Best wishes and good luck to you!

  1. Melinda Lubbers says:

    Thanks for being here. In 4 weeks I will have lap and surgery. I am learning so much from you, and will continue to learn as time goes on.  Thanks 

    • Palma says:

      Please do more research on the lap band. Most bariatric doctors will not insert these. More than half who have them, have taken them out. Please, please save yourself some grief.

      • Rachael says:

        I got the lap band in March 2009. I lost 85lbs, gained some back, realized my bad habits & lost it again. I constantly vary 10 lbs & I think that’s within a normal range. Please realize the lap band is the LEAST restrictive bariatric surgery. It requires the most personal discipline. The changes you make in your mind will reflect in the mirror if you make a commitment to eat correctly.

    • sue ellen fugate says:

      my friend had the lapband and wishes she had the rny like i did…her lapband slipped several times…it erodes ur stomach if not caught in time…another friend had the same thing happen…most people who have these end up with another surgery to fix the lapband surgery…i think a better choice would be the sleeve….that’s just my opinion, and a lot of others, i am sure…they r phasing out the lapband, and there is a reason for it…i am sure it will not be available soon….

      • Susan Maria Leach says:

        Sue Ellen, thanks for your opinion, but there are millions out there with Lap bands who dont have issues and have lost a great deal of weight. I personally would never have my stomach removed from my body, so there are reasons why people choose a particular bariatric procedure. – Thanks, Susan

        • Patricji says:

          I had a lap band 6 years ago and lost 100 # and have had no problems and no gains I’m so happy I have it and the only time I do have a problem is when I do something Iknow I shouldn’t such as eating bread, drinking with meals etc

        • Teresa says:

          I have had all of these procedures and can tell you first hand the sleeve is NOT a good choice. I remember telling my Doctor that I did NOT want my stomach removed, yet it was. Now I am so jacked up….I still have the wiring of the Roux-n-Y but now have NO stomach on top of the wiring change. Everything I eat hurts by stomach although I tend to tolerate soup better than most other foods.

          • Heather says:

            I live on soup and I’m ok with that. I’m 10 years out from roux n y . I’m a size 6-8. I have good days and bad still throw up a lot.

        • Maddie says:

          I had the RNY done 13 years ago. I keep myself on a low carb diet and have remained at my lowest weight. I couldn’t eat bread at all without feeling like I was dying. Potato, rice and other high carb foods gave me a problem also. I prefer not eating carbs and feel amazing not touching them.

        • Cynthia Rondon says:

          8 years since a Lap Band Surgery..Fills first year.. 1 unfill 2 year then refilled to where needed to be. Have never gained the weight again. No slipping, no erosions, no band complications. Like any other Bariatric Surgery its a sacrifice and way of life.

          • Jenni says:

            I defended the band for years. I had no problems. Then, on year 9, I ended up in emergency surgery having the band removed. I nearly died. 4 weeks in hospital. Sure many people have success with the band, however the majority (yes, the majority… this is fact) of patients have complications and must have it removed. Most surgeons will not perform the lapband procedure anymore. There isn’t a surgeon in my entire state who will touch the band (unless he’s taking it out). The fact is, the band has a very low rate of success and an incredibly high rate of complications. In fact, in Canada, there is a class action suit for those who have had the band. It’s only a matter of time until that happens in the U.S.

    • diane says:

      rethink the lap band, mine was a failure…..lost 40 lbs and that was it. My surgeons do not push it as much as they used to. I’M revising to bypass. think of the sleeve instead.

      • Susan Maria Leach says:

        More surgery is NOT the answer in most failures. IF you do not have band erosion, it was not the band, it was the lack of change. There are sleeve and bypass ‘failures’ too. Its due to folks thinking they can eat the same foods that brought them to the brink of surgery but in smaller amounts.

        • Debbie says:

          I asked to join the group but I don’t think I understand how to do it…
          Thanks for this reminder bc this is the very trap I am falling into!

          • Susan says:

            Same here!!! Seeing excuses & other ways to eat the bad things on some blogs & groups. I’m falling for the “sugar free” & “fat free” instead of just eliminating the food altogether!!!

    • Linda Parvino says:

      Melinda I had the sleeve done 8 weeks ago on 5/9/16 and I have lost 44 lbs I wish you the best of luck. I would do this 1000 times over. I still have 140 lbs to go and I will do it

    • Maddie says:

      Like Palma said, please reconsider. My bariatric surgeon refuses to do lap bands now. Too many complications, the bands are only good for a limited number of fills and weight loss is minimal. I know two ladies that had it done and regret it. They lost very little weight and one weighs more now than before the band, she also ended up with a bad infection. She is scheduled to have it removed and she is having to pay for it on her own. Her insurance will not cover any type of bariatric surgery even to remove what she had already paid for out of pocket. It’s not cheap to have it done nor is it cheap to have it removed. If you still decided to have it, I wish you luck because you will need it.

      • Alison Garcia says:

        Hi Maddie, heads up on this one, we do not allow anyone to talk down about any kind of surgery here, especially when they are providing inaccurate information about the particular tool. Lap Bands are still placed every day all over the world. They are not “good for only a certain amount of fills”(if that were the case, someone should tell me at eight years out that I am past my expiration date, with the dozens of fills I’ve had, and continue to get), and weight loss is NO less than any of the other tools. The results are the same, depending on how much effort the patient is willing to put forth for good result. Two ladies out of millions of us rocking bands-that hardly seems like concrete solid evidence that a tool is ineffective. I offhand know several folks with RNY getting iron infusions and living life rocking a feeding tube, yet decline to declare they are unsafe. I feel that it’s part of our mission statement here at BE to make EVERY type of patient with every type of surgery feel welcome and not ashamed of the tool they are rocking. The decision for a particular surgery is personal-and their decision. Please refrain from using our forum such as this to “warn folks away” from a SUPER effective tool that has helped millions of us live a healthy, productive, active, HAPPY life. Much appreciated. -Alison(banded 2009, living life at goal weight)

    • Nancy Turner says:

      Hi Melinda Lubbers ,
      I had a Lapband 7 years ago.
      I lost 130, and have maintained the loss.
      This looks like a good forum for LapBanders.
      I want to encourage you in this journey.
      It’s the best thing I ever did for my health,
      (If you do not count divorcing a violent 2 pack a day smoker.)
      You will enjoy the astounded looks from people as you loose the weight.
      Be prepared for “ WOW “ moments.
      Once I felt an odd feeling near my hips….
      My pants were falling off…
      The time I went to Walmart’s Plus dept to get the
      size 16 turquoise Capris with embroidery…
      They were TWO sizes too big.
      I had to go to unknown territory…the misses dept.
      I was terrified!
      The first time a pair of twelves fit me in 20 years.
      I cried.
      Yoga pants .
      Cute shorts.
      Go ahead! Dye the hair pink!
      Fun returned to my life.

      • Alison Garcia says:

        Hi Nancy, I absolutely second that emotion!! As an 8 year post op Lap Bander, this is THE place to be. Lots of support for all surgery types and stages. We are a great group of post ops who GET IT…and are thrilled to help others on their journey. Glad you’re both here!!! -Alison

    • Penny Andrews says:

      I just had sleeve done. I had to go to ER because my band moved.
      It was extremely painful, I thought lapbands stay in forever but they do not….no one told me this. Please be careful. Most doctors won’t do the band anymore

  2. Leslie Harris says:

    love Love LOVE this reality check. I am still fighting the good fight to clean up my diet. Thank you for always giving a good word of inspiration when I really need it!

  3. Indie Cooper Guzman says:

    I needed to see this. I have felt something was wrong. Now I know. Living on a fixed income is a challenge and family food shopping difficult.  My family eats a lot of carbs because they are cheap to buy. I must take some funds to buy the right foods for me to eat. I want to be a success. I need to lose the weight for health reasons. Your article has inspired me to start really working on proper eating.  Thank you. 

  4. Belinda Matherne says:

    Love your articles…keep them coming.  They are inspiring, rejuvenating and help keep me in line with myself.  Thanks

  5. Phalon says:

    I have Lupus and at the time of my surgery my weight was at 390, my height is 5’5 & 3/4. I had the gastric sleeve done back in September of 2014. I have lost 100 hundred pounds as of today, and I know I’m eating the wrong things I still only eat about 4-6 ounces per meal, but I do eat junk in between my meals as well as fresh fruit. I need help getting back on track and choosing the right foods to eat. I would like to join and if you could help by give me some suggestions I would love that. I don’t want to gain all that weight back and I still want to succeed and lose additional hundred forty pounds.

    Thank you for listening

  6. Jaimie Smith says:

    Fighting this battle right now. Was doing great until my son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has been in the hospital 10 times since 1/2014. Regain is 35, trying to get the mojo back and say you can do this, it’s a miracle it’s not even more weight. I have to keep getting up because this is not crisis mode, it is the new normal.

    • Joi says:

      I also have a son 29 now who is Bi polar this challenge will (I know) send you to food for comfort It’s the most trying times of your life to watch someone you love with all your heart suffer from this I’m sure we could share stories that would push most people over the edge that nobody else gets. Hang in there and turn to GOD it’s the only thing that has worked for me I’ve turned to him when I’m opening my mouth also to keep the right food in my mouth Visit this site every time before you grocery shop it helps not to have the wrong food there in times of crisis Good Luck and bless you Joi

  7. Jacqie FRW says:

    Its true I am learning the hard way that carbs are too easy to eat and take up too much room in my pouch. 9 months out of surgery and 100lbs gone, I slip even one day with a high cal carb meal. It takes a week to get it back off. I am still shocked at how few calories I am allowed myself in order to keep losing to my goal. I’m glad someone is finally telling the truth about evil carbs! 

    • Maddie says:

      Get off the carbs and you will notice a huge difference in how you feel and how your body reacts to not eating them. You can’t avoid all carbs and I keep mine around 30-35 a day to maintain my weight. I follow the Keto way of eating and love it. I was never a huge bread fan but did love my real butter and full fat foods. Now I can enjoy all of that and more and not gain weight. I was packing in over 400 carbs a day at one point, I never bothered to look at packaging for the carbs just the calories and fat. Cereals are loaded with them so now there is only one cereal I do eat and that is FiberOne. It does not affect my weight at all.

    • Stacey Pavone says:

      do you know why you haven’t done anything right? Sometimes we have to get our heads right and that is everybody so don’t feel singled out! Also some people are not educated when they have surgery and don’t know what to do. Know you WHY’S!!!

  8. Denise Casner says:

    Everything you have said is oh so true. I find my self sliding at times. I am constantly reminding my self stop you can’t eat that it’s poison. That’s just my way of convincing myself it isn’t good for me . Thankyou for reminding us we didn’t go through all that for nothing.

  9. kenya conaway says:

    Best article on the TRUTH about living as a bariatric patient!!! Success isnt guaranteed, its earned based on the way you choose to eat and exercise. Thank you for not sugar coating and for never promoting excuse making! 

  10. Kim Hubbard says:

    I am almost 4 years out and have regained 20 pounds.
    I have called the bariatric center when the weight gain
    started but they don’t seem to concerned.   I have been under
    stress and have gotten a new medication not sure why the weight 
    isn’t coming off.   NEED HELP

  11. Mary Brockway says:

    Direct and to the point. Exactly what people need to hear. I got slammed the other day when I took exception to someone eating quinoa 3 weeks out. Their nut said they could eat it.
    That doesn’t mean you should. My paperwork said no rice, potatoes, noodles, pasta crackers or chips EVER. PERIOD!

    • JwHW says:

      Quinoa is actually a fantastic food! It’s high in protein, amino acids, fiber and extremely versatile while being easy to prepare. It isn’t a grain like rice, it’s actually a seed and considered a complete protein containing all 8 amino acids. While it is rather calorie dense, I don’t see why it would be completely off limits. Especially since it’s a whole food with many benefits and has potential to help those who don’t care to eat much meat. I’ll have to ask my doc at my next appointment how she feels about quinoa but from what I understand, it’s completely safe for bariatric patients to eat.

      • Susan Maria Leach says:

        You are reading the media soundbite about Quinoa. Its high in carbs and relatively LOW in protein. People only THINK its high protein, reality is contrary. Its only off limits WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT as while healthy, it has too many carbs for the few measly protein grams. – Susan Maria

  12. Patsy Deal says:

    I love the variety you have on the website and all the wonderful information.  I would love to see more foods like soups, food that are not sweet. I love all the protein bars and drinks, but I also crave salty foods.  That’s when I turn to crackers which is my downfall.  I love the Tex Mex chili and eat it quite a lot.  Hoping for more lunch and supper selections.
    Thanks for all you do!

  13. Valerie Hopkins says:

    Going into surgery I thought this is going to be great ,I can eat what I want, lose weight and be happy because that’s what I have seen others do.
    WELL the first 20lbs came off easy due to liquid diet ,, then I stalled as I entered food back in for 3weeks nothing 🙁 I was sad because I was
    Still barely eating , I wAs drinking my protein , drinking my water doing good . Then I miserably failed one weekend , still not eating a lot but fajitas, chips, salsa, a mixed drink , for two days I did what my tummy would allow me to swallow which surprisingly was a lot. Monday morning weigh in YICKES I gained 4 lbs !!!!! Oooh dear lord I was heart broken , mad, disappointed,and just really hated myself how could I go through the surgery, spend my life savings because my insurance did not cover to gain weight???? I definitely had a come to Jesus meeting with myself. I realized the surgery is a tool and its up to me to change my bad habits . I was sleeved 4/7/15 ,I’m 8 wks out and down 24lbs. I still get frustrated when I see others stats ,I’m truly giving 100% and its not coming off like I feel it should ;(… Any helpful tips I would love to hear !!!! I realize it’s a life style change and would love your advice
    Thank you,
    Valerie Hopkins 

    • Patti says:

      @Valerie Hopkins. I had my sleeve surgery on 8/11/15 doing good then on 8/28 no weight loss and 8/29 no weight loss actually gained 1 lb.
      Then I remembered in the nutrition classes my insurance made me take for 6 mths prior they said if I didn’t get 64oz of water a day I would just stop losing weight. They were right the next day I was sure to get my 64 oz of water and my 80 grams of protein drink along with my 2 meals pureed food at 2-3 Tbs each. And sure enough the next day 1 lb weight loss.

  14. Lynn says:

    I love your directness and matter-of-fact attitude. You are absolutely right. I didn’t do well with eating from the get go, I had surgery in 2009 and only lost 65# some was due to poor support and misinformation but mostly it was because I started eating carbs because it was the only thing that didn’t hurt in my pouch. When I told the Dr I “hurt” I was told that its suppose to, now I know different. Its really a life long struggle. And I was sadly mistake when I thought my diet days were over. My mind will always want carbs I just have to work on self discipline and immediate gratification sabotage.

  15. JOHN M BROWN says:

    I am just starting the pre op process…2nd month…/most pre op tests and exams are already done…I’m 54 yrs. old….I have lived in my overweight  body all my life…my body is wearing out faster than my age….I am hoping this is not a mistake for I am very Worried that I can live with the diet that is required after surgury for the rest of my life…..I am not taking this operation litely. I KNOW I HAVE to change my diet and lifestyle and am worried as to what I can and can’t eat and live comfortably and stay disiplined after surgery… I’m not sure as to what I will and won’t be able to eat afterwards…any advice you can give will be very much appreciated.  Thank You/


  16. Kathy Hamilton says:

    3 years after my surgery and lost the 100 lbs after but it has been 2 years with staying the same, but…. still have more to lose and could not figure out what it is I am doing wrong. Today I found this and changes start NOW. Thank you so much for this!

  17. Diane Carter says:

    It’s s00 true!!  I didn’t experience freedom til I gave up all grains, legumes and sugar (essentially went low carb).  No cravings; lost the 20 lbs of regain and 10 more.  Thank you for being such an advocate of the low carb lifestyle for bariatric surgery.  Unfortunately when I had my surgery (7 yrs ago) the nutritionist talked mostly about eating a few crackers and a little protein for lunch.  Now the other way around.  I could binge on crackers!!  I always remember what you wrote years ago…if you need to binge (or find yourself at that point) binge on chicken!!  It works you just cant eat that much chicken!!  Love you guys so much!!!

    • Amy says:

      “Binge on chicken!” I need to remember this. I have started drinking protein shakes again. I have bronchitis so I didn’t feel like making my shake this morning. So I’ve had Zingers, chips, and crackers so far. And I wonder why I can’t lose this 50 pound regain. Must binge on chicken!

  18. Shannon Alvarez says:

    Absolutely love your articles. True words right here. It’s so easy to fall into that mind trap of oh its a healthy version or all in moderation. I’m not quit a year out and it really keeps me focused and motivated reading your articles. Thank you for not following everyone else and being true to the bariatric community!!!

  19. Davorka says:

    Nothing better than truth and ways to stay on track.My surgery is on June 24 th and I want the best approach there is and make the most of this Surgery !

  20. Linda Longnecker says:

    I had my surgery in Jan 2008. I was 240 lb. I went down to 174 and my diabetics got better. Today I am 180 lb and feel bad all the time. My diabetics is NOT under control and my eating is also! I need help! It is extremely hard to stick to the bariatric diet and carbs and also adhere to my diabetic diet. Am SOOOO frustrated at this point!!

  21. Suzy says:

    Thank you for this reminder. sleeved 12/13 and was down 85lbs first year then I started having leg problems. My nut told me to increase my carbs because I was working out a lot. I hit a plateau, then a depression topped with stress…. Gulp gained 38lbs in 4 months. I have brain maintained this weight for 6 months now however, I think I am making a good choice with lentil crackers, etc… I need to stay away from them all together! Thank you again. How many carbs should we have daily?

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      I understand completely! Its not how many carbs daily, but the kind of carbs we take in. Like I said, no one fights for the right to have broccoli… its the Pizza we argue about! If you want to lose weight keep your carbs to 50 to 75 BUT make sure they bring nutrients with them. You can do it! Join our Facebook Support Group there are a few thousand of us there… you’d like it. Ciao, Susan

      • Debbie says:

        Do you have a sample menu or articles to help with meal planning? I am struggling with this…
        I appreciate your help.

  22. Kat says:

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying, I am still pre-op and am making a lot of these changes now to help myself for after surgery (I have cut out most carbs. No potatoes, pasta or bread). But I do not agree with you that bariatric surgery IS the easy way out. That is BS. Surgery is a tool, but I am still doing most of the work, it is up to ME to make the right food choices and exercise. So surgery is most definitely NOT the easy way out. 

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      The only reason we did it (or in your case will be doing it), is because we thought it would be easier than what we were already doing. No one does anything because we believe it will be harder… we choose that which we believe to be easier. That is why we are shocked that we must eat so carefully and even exercise after surgery. It is MUCH easier than fighting morbid obesity without the tool. You will get my point after you have had surgery. Yes it is up to us to eat right and exercise… but that’s what normal people do every day! Ciao, Susan

  23. Judy Daines says:

    Thank You so much for the article!! I needed to see this as I have noticed I was beginning to justify bad food choices here and there. This was a big wake up call. I was sleeved November 3 Thanks Again!!!

  24. kathy gardner says:

    had surgery 09….got down to 197….felt good, gained about 20 lbs back, working to get them off, but I am in the “I just don’t care anymore” mood. my mom died suddenly 9/27/14….husband has been ill…in & out of the hospital, then nursing home. home, now with visiting nurse, PT. I am stressed to the limits…..he is a diabetic, and has to eat healthy , I do the cooking, so I am doing better, at eating the correct foods, so hoping this will be a help for me too…..just wish I could cheer up, and start enjoying life again….but my mom was my BFF, we talked about everything…now that she is gone, my heart is so broken…..I just don’t know where my life is going…………

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Kathy, I don’t talk about this to many people and people who have not lost their mothers wont get what I am about to tell you. I understand your heartbreak. I lost my mother very quickly to breast cancer and it was devastating to me. It still is and brings me to tears while typing this and it happened 27 years ago. She is forever frozen in my mind at age 49. My missing her has never gotten any less than when it happened, which is only a testament to how we feel about our BFF’s, our mothers. The way I get through it is to KNOW for SURE that she is with me, she helps me when she can and she taught me to be the confident and loving person I am today. Your mother did that for you too. So while you cant see her next to you, I know you can feel her right there with you, just like I can with my mom. NOW you are living for the BOTH of you, so its good to be HAPPY and do the things she didnt get to do and see the things she didnt get to see. Cheer up… its okay! Ciao bella, Susan Maria

  25. Colleen White says:

    I shared this article with a group of bariatric people that I am part of because I have practiced and really believe what you are saying here, Susan Maria, however someone pointed out to me how kind of hypocritical it is to put this article up with some of the dessert recipes you have that use flour, etc.  I had never looked at the recipes so I wasn’t aware and then I did after she pointed it  out to me.  The very first recipe on the page was awful if you look at it in light of this article.  Can you address this??

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      I would be HAPPY to address this. Thank your friends for calling me a hypocrite… lol. Some will think that and that is okay, as not everyone gets it! I have had a lot of time to figure this all out and it has helped a lot of people find their way.

      There is a really big difference between using bread rice pasta tortillas potatoes on a daily basis and never removing them from every day life and occasionally making a sugar free LOW CARB dessert to take to a Memorial Day BBQ. If it were just for me, I would make homemade sugar free custard or pudding or jello with fruit or my Magic ‘Ice Cream’ as I do maybe once a week for my husband and I after supper. Most of my desserts do not use flour. The ones that do use some flour are for when you have a mixed crowd… a birthday party, a bbq, friends over, the kids coming for a special dinner and you need something more mainstream. I have developed recipes that are ALL very low flour some use almond flour, and all are still below 10 carbs… everyone at the party can have it, no one knows its a healthy dessert.

      I have diabetic family members and dieting friends so I may serve a sugar free almond cake with berries. I don’t live in a bubble as most people do not as well. Sometimes you do need to present a cake.

      Completely different from eating a Dunkin bagel on the way to work! One does not change lifestyle, while the other represents such great change to a healthy lifestyle that it bleeds over into the life of the family and friends.

      Thank you for giving me an opportunity to make it clear. Ciao, Susan

  26. Anne Klein says:

    Thank you so much for addressing this. I see a co-worker who is a year out and it scares me for her. She has exceeded her goal. But I see her eating cake, donuts and other things I just don’t see should be a part of the bariatric diet. This is a lifetime commitment!

  27. Virginia Gibson says:

    I love this site so much info I am pre- sleeve and have learn so much on what to expect…thank u thank u thank u!!!

  28. Denise says:

    I love what you’ve said! My RNY was 2002. I read these posts of the Rookies and I know deep inside they don’t have a chance. I keep my mouth shut because when I have tried to help they freek out. They’ll learn. Just sad they don’t realize they are setting theirselfs up for a disappointment.  

  29. Carmen Brunsky says:

    Thank you so much for everything you have said. I’m 3 months out of Having a gastric bypass and I’ve lost 32 lbs since my surgery. I’m having a difficult time eating. I’m never hungry and my husband get quite upset with me. But my surgeon said don’t eat if I’m not hungry. I’m taking all,the vitamins and supplements that I have been told to take. It takes me all day, but I get them down. Is there anything I can do to make myself eat? I really miss eating salad, but have been unable to eat it at this time. The peer group I go to has said it’s to early for salad and meat that I should not eat it until I’m out 6 months out.  I’m totally confused on what to do. I try to eat, but food seems to get caught and I throw up. When I do eat I’ve gone back to soft foods, like cottage cheese, humus, and soft veggies. 
    Thanks for any suggestions you can give! 

    • Violet C. says:

      Carmen, please contact your surgeon. I went through the same thing. It sounds like you may be developing a stoma or pouch stricture. I’ve had four. It’s an easy fix with an endoscopy scope. I got to a point I couldn’t even hold down water because of the scar tissue closing my stoma opening. You don’t have to suffer. Ask about it. I let mine get so bad that now I have so much scar tissue I end up having to be scoped once a year. I promise it’s not life threatening but it is annoying.

  30. Linda Sipple says:

    I really needed to read this article cause it’s been 5 yrs out since I had the lap-band & I’ve gained back the 50lbs + that I lost. I know it’s from eating carbs but I had such a hard time keeping down meats (I kept vomiting up) that I turned to soft carb foods & simple sweets including fruits. I have few teeth and chewing my protein into mush is impossible so what do you suggest I do. I am going in for an endoscopy to see if something is wrong to explain why I vomit each & every meal except liquids. I feel hungry all the time & tried to limit myself to 3 oz but I was starving & would break down & eat more. UGH!! I’m such a failure at this & had such high hopes of finally being at a healthy weight instead of 280lbs. I’m too embarrassed to go back to my surgeon so I hide in my house most days. My knee has gone bad from a surgery last summer & exercise is a killer so painful I end up using a walker for the next week. I’m only 53 yrs old but feel very old & heavy need all he help I can get. I recently joined a group online & have started to lose again only 10lbs but I’m happy for the new start to better health.

  31. Roxy says:

    I was sleeved on Feb 4/12.  I lost 85 lbs by Aug1/12.  I haven’t lost anything since.  Starting weight was 285. I was down to198 at one point but now I am 210lbs.  I never had any guidelines on what to eat as I had my surgery in Mexico and I am from Canada.  I started out at the bariatric clinic here in Thunder Bay Ontario but when they told me I would have to wait 2 yrs before I could actually have the surgery I decided to go to Mexico.  At this point the clinic told me they would no longer help me.  I would just like to know what a normal daily diet should consist of.  How much protein,veggies,fruit, carbs etc.  please help if you can.  I also have a thyroid condition.  Is this why I can’t lose weight?  I walk 2-3 miles/day.  I am hearing I should only be eating 1 cup of food at any meal and to eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks.

  32. James says:

    Great Article! Let us embrace, engage, and enlist this important truth! We are excited about this, for our lives depend upon it! In the words of the NIKE slogan “Just Do It”! We can encourage and motivate each other to go and do likewise! 🙂 

  33. Jennifer says:

    I must agree. I am one of those “revisions”. Partially due to poor pre-op education and a lot to do with me. I’m 8 weeks from my sleeve. I had my LapBand done April 2013, and I hit the ground running. I found that “eating around” the band became easier after the first year. After my gallblader removal 8 mos after the band, I battled with what and how to eat and the regain began. The fills/adjustments were not helping and in fact, even with modifying my eating, they were causing more trouble than help. I’ve fully regained EVERY pound lost and I’m discouraged. Purging the house, retraining my habits, and constantly reminding myself EVERY DAY that this is a battle I will have to fight for the rest of my life. Habits don’t form overnight … and they don’t just walk away, either. I’ve also switched to a more experienced and concentrated surgeon with an incredible educational program. I am confident now that I have the proper support to get through this once and for all!

  34. Windy Pierce says:

    I will be having surgery soon! One question no-one seems to know the answer to. I have horrible horrible migraines does anyone know if this surgery will help with these debilitating migraines?

    • Lishia says:

      Yes it helped mine! I even stopped taking the propranolol I was taking prophylacticly
      Best decision I ever made, I’m off all meds and I feel great! Totally life changing for me, feeling so blessed

  35. Cyd says:

    I will be 5 years out at the end of July. I initially lost 140 lbs. I have gained back 48 lbs. I’m 52 years old. I knew when I turned 50 and started pre-menopause my weight was going to change just because of the changes of life. I really believe now, that that alone is what I was blaming my weight gain on. After reading this, what a revelation!! I have too many carbs back into my life. I have a husband who loves carbs so taking them completely out of my home is not far to him. I have to get a grip and realize that its not “the change” going on hormonally. What has to change is my choices of food. I have to get my knees taken care of as well so I can get back into walking my 4 miles a day. Thank you so very much for this wake-up call!!!! Look forward to many more.

    • Gladys says:

      I too am 5 yrs out and right now have gained back 60 lbs of what I lost. This article was a definate wake up message as I am tired of crying when I look in the mirror

  36. Kathi says:

    So glad I found this site. I was sleeved June 2013 and have lost the weight I wanted EXCEPT the last 20 pounds! I’m guilty of sneaking some carbs back in – evidently just enough of them to keep me at the same weight. Looking forward to some new recipes and helpful hints.

  37. Sandy says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH  for this article. I really appreciate it in writing, I know the right way to eat, but sometimes it’s like going to church and having your toes stepped on.  I need to lose about 20 lbs but even if I can just maintain where I am, I will be happy. I had GB IN 2007. Lost  170 but gained 25 back. Thank you 

  38. Valerie Nicholls says:

    I was sleeved Oct 2014 at 255 (lost 15 lbs before surgery on liquid diet diet prescribed by Dr)and lost 45 lbs pretty fast then another 15 lbs really slowly.  I have 45 more to go and have fell back in to eating carbs .. I know what to’s just doing it. My boss got sleeved back in 2012 and lost 130 lbs and has gained back 30 so I know what my future is. I am thankful I came across this site I hope I can use it to snap out of this bad behavior. 

  39. Tonya Stigler says:

    please add me to the website, my dietician told me to go here for help. So many ways to get protein instead of carbs. Help!!!

  40. Ronnie says:

    I had my sleeve done on July 11, 2011. I went from 366 to 266. My weight started creeping back up at about 3 yrs out. Now I’m back at 300lbs. I tell myself well, I’m still more active than I was before my surgery. I still can do more than I could before. But lately I’ve been taking a good look at myself in the mirror and the belly is back. The back pain is trying to return. I don’t look as good in my pants. I’m still in a size 24 W00H00 and not the 32 but think of where I could be if I did this right. I’m following the Back on Track plan. I want to loose 100lbs. I’d like to know what its like to be 200lbs. but first I want to get back to the 266. thank you for this article. Thank you for being honest and open and sharing all of your thoughts and experiences with us, with me. Thank you for helping me to believe that I can do this and I can be healthier than I’ve ever been, I’m already healthier than I was. Thank you for listening.

  41. Daisy Diaz-Alemany says:

    Please add me to the website. I am looking forward to the next 67 years of heal;thy living and need all the help I can.

  42. Mona Rogers says:

    My husband and I sometimes struggle with our eating habits. I need to keep reading these tips and just keep on with our weight loss.

  43. Sue Maggio says:

    Had sleeve done 3/16/15. Three months tomorrow. Have been very pleased. Fell off wagon over weekend. Getting back on trac. My food diary and support groups are critical to my success thus far.

  44. Lupe says:

    Thank you for this great advice!  I had my gastric sleeve procedure done in September 2013. Although I have not gained back weight I am not moving forward to lose the last 30-40 pounds to reCh goal. I hope you accept me as a member!

  45. Lavona says:

    Thank you for the tough love! I needed to hear this. Find myself slipping up and trying to justify my mistakes. I haven’t regained any but I have stopped losing. Almost a year out and 60lbs down. Need to lose another 50 to be where I need to be. Thanks for the swift kick in the butt!

  46. Mary Mc says:

    Good Morning~This is a very good article~I was sleeved November 17, 2014~I have lost 110 lbs. so far and am feeling great~It is very easy to revert back to eating all the wrong things~You HAVE to make a conscience choice not to eat the things that are not good for you~I was a total carb addict and knowing that is my trigger, I have cut out all the bread, rice, etc. I do occasionally eat a little bit of potato, and really enjoyed roasted veggies with a LITTLE bit of sweet potato, but I got over that and moved on to much healthier choices without the potato~The other day at work, someone came up and offered me a piece of chocolate and when I politely refused, she assumed that I was allergic. I told her that I had surgery in November and lost over 100 lbs and make a conscience decision not to eat sugary treats~I lost my Mom suddenly in May 2015 and could have had a massive pity party eating whatever, but that would be too easy and why would I go through the serious surgery to sabbotage all the positive advancements that I have made~I tell myself everyday that I am worth this fight~I am strong~I am accountable for my own decisions~We had this surgery for a reason and if you were led to believe that it was going to be the easy without being accountable for your choices, there is the breakdown~If you have a bariatric support group in your area, GO~There are so many people that have been in the same situations that we are experiencing and they give such good advice on how to work through the cravings. If you are in pain, can’t keep food down, don’t wait, go back to your surgeon and RD and figure out what is going on~We are awesome for taking charge of our lives and taking this important step to better ourselves healthwise~Don’t be discouraged if your weight loss has slowed. It is just your body adjusting to losing weight so quickly. The free fall I was in for the first five months totally scared me and I was happy when my weight would stabilize for a minute before I went through another free fall. I have slowed to about 5 to 7 pounds a month and am almost to my goal. A loss is a loss no matter how small. Good luck to all of us, we are so worth it. Get to a support group and talk about what issues you are having. You can do this, stay positive and on track and keep looking forward~It works~

  47. Tamara says:

    I’m having low thyroid problems, little sugar issues and just trying to find support with eating eating and not eating a lot of carbs. Need to lose more weight. Lost 20 lbs since June 19, 2015. But total loss is 45 lbs. from highest weight. I’ll like to lose about 80 more. Plus keep eating healthy for my health. I have had gout, BP issues, sugar, thyroid surgery now (hypothyroid). Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.

  48. Ann says:

    Good general article. My one comment is that Bariatric Surgery is not the easy way out. It is invaluable as a way to give you the kick start you need in a way that a lifetime of directing cannot, however the “head work” required for success is just as big, if not bigger after surgery. As an 8year out DSer It has taken me all of those 8 years to learn new strategies to cope with stress AND give myself permission to put myself first. I am forever grateful for my surgery and I am also very aware of the continuing challenges moving forward. Aging and the affliction of aging scare me, as a MS sufferer my greatest nightmare would be the loss of my mobility (and the easy access to a washroom that would entail). Weight loss surgery may seem the easy way out… but it is not… it is simply a powerful and very different way to manage our obesity, it brings with it a whole new set of wins and challenges.

  49. SherriB says:

    Absolutely, hands down, one of the best articles I’ve ever read. I’m almost 11 mos. out and over the past 3 mos. my weight loss has slowed way down. I’ve always known it’s up to me.

    I’m eating what I’m supposed to and staying away from what I know is bad for me. When people say, oh, just have a bite or go ahead and treat yourself it makes my head want to explode! I haven’t had one gram of sugar. No bread, rice, pasta, etc. I don’t even want to know if I can tolerate those foods. They’re off limits to me for life. Period.

    Thank you so much for this article.


  50. Sher says:

    I am 5 months out of surgery and I am soooooo tired of people constantly pressuring me to eat “the bad stuff” again, as if it won’t hurt anything! This article just underlines exactly what I already know! I can’t eat that stuff anymore! PERIOD! I don’t want to lose any more weight, so I do have to start adding some “good carbs”, but pizza and pasta and fried rice are not the “good carbs”! STICK TO YOUR GUNS, people……please don’t let people talk you into eating what you know you shouldn’t eat!!!!!
    You are fooling no one but yourself if you cheat.

  51. Janet says:

    I am a pre-op person with by pass surgery scheduled in February and just reading the comments above helped me understand the new journey I am about to under take. Thank You

  52. Chris says:

    Great information. I’m hoping to have a gastric sleeve done in the next month. I’m on a “trial” diet of 1500 cal/day. I’ve made some bad choices a few times. This really makes me stop & think. Are you really ready for this? Can you commit to it? I know that with your support I CAN DO IT!! I want this more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life!! Thanks for being frank!

  53. Carole McCarthy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this reality check. I’ve gained 50 pounds back over 10 years. I had lost 155 pounds and it was the best time of my personal life. Not only did I gain the weight back, but I find myself beating myself up over it and it’s a vicious cycle, where have you heard that before. I needed to hear everything you said. It’s all so true. How do I start over? I have a gym membership that I avoid even though I feel wonderful after I’ve gone for a few days, and I find myself trapped with all of this food during the winter. I think I’ll start planning my garden and look forward to fresh veggies. I love your website. Thank you.

  54. Nancy says:

    Wow! I really needed this today, I had the sleeve in 2013 did real good the first year. Now I’m having problems gained back 30lbs. Not feeling good with myself at all, but yet I just can’t get a hold of myself, did better for one week, then this weekend had to babysit our grandchildren, well the kids wanted some snacks, so memere thought she should have some too!, Today I decided to try and get back on track again!!!! Feeling very frustrated, scared, disappointed with myself. This has been going on since the holidays, I feel like a failure again!, every time I lose weight I always seem to gain it back again, this was why I had weight loss surgery so I wouldn’t do that anymore. Thanks for all your posting, I guess we all have are struggles. So after reading them all it made me stop and think we can get back and do this, and we need each other for the support, Many thanks for sharing!,, To me the Big thing is to stay POSITIVE and that’s what I need to get back!,

  55. Donna says:

    This a great article and I am glad to have stumbled upon it! It’s the facts and sometimes needs to be heard! I am 3 years post op and have lost 40 lbs and have plateaued due to poor choices! I have just finished the 5 day pouch reset and feel good and back on track!

  56. Jeanne says:

    Susan Maria…your inspiration has been with me since day one (your book, website, recipes, protein products and nutritional guidance)…you were my little guardian angel. I made it to five years RNY post op without regain because I followed the rules. Simple, right? If you want sucess, just follow the rules. But sadly, like many others, when my life got really tough, gradually I found myself going back to the exact same poor habits that I turned to most of my life for comfort… along with one NEW biggie that I don’t often see mentioned… alcohol. It’s hard to admit, but just like your “Face the Regain” articles, it’s about being totally honest with oneself. Yes, my issues were real, both physical & emotional. Spine injury, surgeries, loss of a job I had for 17 years, broken relationship and recently (to ice the cake), the sudden loss of my Mom. For a year I played the “poor me” card and tried to numb out the pain….ate anything I wanted, didn’t exercise, washed down pain pills with glasses of wine. Not good. I was actually annoyed when I read your “Face the Regain” emails… because the truth hurt.
    Fast forward to the week before Christmas 2015 when nothing in my closet fit….nothing! Even underwear and yoga pants were too tight. I re-read your tough love emails and blog, printed out the meal plan, and ordered a selection of Inspire protein. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I kept repeating to myself “no one can change me, but me”.
    So, thank you for your straight from the hip advice…17 lbs down, 40 to go. But the numbers don’t really matter. I’m back on track to health and that’s all that matters. Thank you…thank you.

    • carolyn fredley says:

      Jeanne – Our stories are similar in some ways. I had bypass in 2011 and did fine – until I started eating the “old” way. Today – finding this material on line will help me get back on track. I will be 85 in July – and hope to live as long as my mom did (98 1/2) but carrying so much extra weight has not made it easy for me. I guess I am lucky with good genes and have gotten away with murder for these many years of being overweight. Finding this cite will help me – and I would LOVE to hear from you. Carolyn

    • Tanya says:

      I feel like I just read the post i was scrolling down to write. So I put down the half bagle and made myself a protine shake. The pinaple flavor no less. Alcohol is the killer. Putting that down is going to be harder, but everyone here is right. I had gotten down after my rny to a size 12. Yesterday i struggled into an 18 and cursing myself. This, all of you were the Exact kick in the a$$ I needed. Im going to get that weight back off and concentrate on not making excuses.

  57. kgbb says:

    Nice, then you advertise ‘high protein cookies’, ‘beef jerky’, and other ‘junk’ that you just said to not eat even if it’s ‘low carb’. Contradict yourself much?

  58. Deb says:

    Absolutely love this article and appreciate the reminder. I try to live by the views of this article and eat protein and non-starchy veggies. But I attend support group and have met a lot of people who’ve under went bariatric surgery. I always hear people say they eat what they want in moderation because their surgeon and support staff are too strict. But all I hear in my head is my nutritionist saying that one bite of carbs and/or sugar is similar to one drink for an alcoholic. I know what those carbs & sweet do to me. I can never just have only one. I love the feeling of being thinner. Great article!

  59. Kim says:

    I think this is great advice. However, I would be more inclined to listen if I had not scrolled down and saw an add for protein cookies. Just saying.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Kim, protein cookies are an excellent choice when used as a way to eat *something* in a car, or on a plane or while in a business meeting. It’s when folks think they are a replacement for Little Debbie time that they are a problem. – SML

  60. Lea says:

    I am at 4 months post-op sleeve. I have lost 75 pounds and have been struggling a bit.
    This article is apropos right now as I have started to let “garbage” creep back. Fortunately, it is not much (as in nothing in my kitchen but good food) but it has put me in a stall. Every time I start to put “garbage” in my mouth, I tell myself it is just that. But, my evil twin says differently. So, I have made a promise to myself that I will not buy the carbs, no matter what the evil twin says!!

    Reading all of these articles, following the FB group has opened my eyes. I don’t want to be a statistic and lose all this weight only to regain it. Choices are where it is at. If I choose to eat “garbage” I will not lose the way my sleeve is intended to work. I will stall time and again. I will gain.

    Mind set is critical. I have to make good changes in order to LIVE. And that is why I had surgery. I was KILLING myself with food. Food is meant to nourish our bodies to make them efficient.

  61. Laura says:

    I love this article and I try very hard not to eat these foods, however I’m in college and I have no way to warm food during the day so it’s hard not to use bread (the only one I’ve been able to handle is a greek pita flat bread) to make a small sandwich. Do you know of a all Bariatric cookbook? I would love to find one, especially if it had cold lunch ideas.

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      Laura, it doesnt matter that you are in college and have no way to warm food during the day. Think about that for a minute. That is a bla bla bla, wah wah wah, I am different and have to eat bread bs line of baloney. Ever heard of a BOWL or PLATE. Anythink you can roll in a pita, you can roll in a napkin. Stop making excuses for bread and you will be much happier in ten years. – SML

  62. Cindy says:

    I’m on track to have a RNY soon…waiting for final insurance approval. Thank you for this article. I’m going to print it out so I can retread it if I need to. It’s a bit troubling reading some of the comments that complain about your recipes. We still live in the “real world” so for some people, these recipes are really helpful…a healthy alternative for life’s occasions. Again, thank you!

  63. Barbara says:

    I love the straightforwardness , no beating around the bush! I am 3 years since sleeve surgery . I lost 100 pounds and need to loos more. At the 6 month point the dietitian said I could start adding grains and even have cake once in a while. Now, with 30 pounds gained I am fighting to get back to the REAL rules. You would never tell a crack head you can have a little once in awhile. There is plenty of research out there that talks about the addictive nature of sugar. Why a nutritionist would tell someone this, that obviously has a food relationship problem , is unreal. A part of me knew it was wrong and the inability to have just a little was a red flag. The reality is we love our comfort foods but need to learn to love our health more so we can make changes that last. This is not a temporary issue. I am thankful for the kick in the pants from this web site. So far I have more days fallowing the rules than not fallowing the rule, I am working on it. Today I was back on my bike and did a 5mile ride. Moving toward and starting to get back into control feels good.

  64. Darline says:

    I saw in the article “stop making taco shells from cheese”. I think was a good thing? Has something changed? Please let me know…thank you

  65. says:

    thanks for the reality check like to straight to the point with no sugar coating sooooooo true

  66. Olivia Zavala says:

    Oh my goodness! Loved this article…printed it and put it on my office wall and on my fridge. I had lost 130 lbs, 12 years ago, within the last 5 yrs gained back 60! Working hard to eliminate the bad carbs from my eating. This article was honest and I loved it. I especially like the line “Control is Empowering.” God knows when we hop on the scale and it’s up, up, and away that tells us we are out of control. We need to re-group, put on our big boy/girl pants and gain that control back. We can do it!

  67. JuliAnn Adams says:

    I had RNY surgery in June, 2002. Lost 110 pounds with correct eating and walking 5 miles a day. Then I reverted to old habits and quit the exercise. Fast forward to March, 2016 and I regained 80 of the pounds back. So I went to Weight Watchers and began to walk every day with Leslie Sansone’s videos. I eat very clean. Only high quality protein and vegetables and protein shakes. Since March 1, 2016 I have lost 38.6 pounds. I do not eat processed foods or any “artificial” sweeteners. Coffee is limited and black. Drink lots of water and move. Always get 10K steps and most days even more. I am 60 years old. You all can do this if you put your mind to it!!!!!

  68. Summer says:

    I agree 99 %… however, fats are not the enemy (cheese taco shells in moderation).. ketosis is all about the importance of healthy natural fats (avocado, bacon, and olive oil)

    Carbs are the enemy for dang sure. And thank you for posting this!!

  69. Cindy M says:

    I’m having difficulty eating meat since gastric sleeve surgery, or I should say, I’m having trouble wanting to eat meat. I cook up seasoned ground Chuck and mix it with refried beans, rotel, and shredded cheese in the microwave. My husband eats this with chips or tortillas and I have it with a spoon. Two bites and I’m done. When I smell some meats cooking I feel nauseous. For protein I rely on whey powders, egg, beans and cheese, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt. Is eating vegetarian a healthy option after wls?

    • Suzanne Shaw says:

      Sure! Take the time to do your research and meet with a Registered Dietitian who is familiar with the limitations of both vegetarians diets and the specific needs that a post-op person would have. Knowledge is power so arm yourself well 🙂

  70. Marla says:

    I was sleeved 4/2016. I have lost 75 lbs and 35 inches. I recently had a total hip replacement. Weighed myself morning of surgery and morning after I got home. In 5 days I gained 9 lbs. I was crushed. Then I had to take a moment and think. I have lots of swelling and fluid and also 4 lbs of permanent metal now. Thankfully I lost that weight and continue to lose.
    My point is… I am always thinking what can I do that isn’t an old habit. I love pizza so we eat chicken crust pizza. I love sandwiches so I use lettuce as a wrap. This journey is a mindset to do the right things. I can’t even stomach fast food anymore. My one indulgence is Subway. All the sandwiches come as salads instead if you choose. I get lots of extra veggies added no charge. Dressing on the side and usually have enough for several meals. It’s all about making the right choices in the first place. I would hate to have worked so hard to gain it back again. This group has been awesome and the recipes for eating right are delicious. I don’t miss my bad habits or the 75 lbs.

  71. Rhonda says:

    Best foods discovered after RNY surgery: fresh ceviche (no chips); sashimi (soft!); zucchini “pasta”; spaghetti squash; jicama slices used as a mini “taco” shell; “riced” cauliflower; and bison chili made with boxed tomatoes, onion, garlic and Whitson’s chili seasoning paste. With all that flavor, who needs carbs? Want some crunch? Try Pork Clouds made by Bacon’s Heir. Delicious pork rinds that are high in protein and have NO carbs. Hint: they can even be used as “breading” for meats!

  72. CGS says:

    Love your website and recipes!! I am not on Facebook. Do you have a support resource for those like myself who are not on Facebook?

  73. Albane says:

    Thanks a million times for that post
    I had my surgery 5 years ago and had fantastic results, I am happy to nourish my body with the respect it deserves
    But I have many friends whom undertook the surgery and are still fat and say I’m just lucky in the mean time they stuff their face with deep fried chicken! One of my best friend who got a sleeve 3 weeks ago called me to say how happy she was because she found an ice cream machine to fix herself “healthy treats” : it makes me wanna scream!!
    I know I make good food choices even though some call me the “food taliban” and I feel even more confident when I read your website.

    Continue to spread the good words, people need to stop being lazy and lying to themselves

  74. Alison Garcia says:

    Hi Rachael, for loss you’ll ideally want to be around 1000 calories or under, and under 50g of GOOD carbs(vegetable and quality dairy carbs). Net carbs are optional, I personally don’t count them, but consider them in natural foods(IE: edamame), to determine if they are a good choice. I personally stay under 10g of sugar per day, but if you are consuming fruit or a lot of dairy,such as mixing your protein with skim milk, this can prove to be difficult, so I wouldn’t focus on sugar in this case. Choosing lean protein and low carb vegetables will naturally help the values fall into place-promise!! -Alison

  75. Cassie says:

    This was a good read, wake-up call, and confirmation of what I should and should not be doing. I am trying to learn to live without starch (or starch substitutes mentioned). It’s a mind thing for me, because I was raised eating meat, veggie, pasta/rice, and bread at each meal. I was made to eat all foods on my plate before getting dessert. After reading this article, I am more encouraged to stop buying the “so-called” bread/pasta/rice substitutes and learn to live without it. Maybe incorporating another veggie instead would help.

  76. Susan Maria Leach says:

    Sure Donna, NOT EVERYONE HAS A PROBLEM. Some people are at goal weight for years after changing their relationship with food. Some put a handful of Crunchers on a salad. Some puff up a few pork rinds to eat during the movie. The BARIATRIC NO’s article is addressing new post ops who fight change and keep eating the battery of foods that brought them to surgery. = SML

  77. Susanne says:

    I had gastric bypass in 2005 and I have gained it all back. I stayed at my goal weight for about 7 years. Since that time, I have slow regained the weight. I have heard that it is possible to reset my pouch. Is this possible?

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Susanne, it is absolutely possible to do so. I know because I did it!! I was five years post op and miserable, living with a 70 lb regain. This particular article is what got me into high gear to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I started with the pouch reset, then continued on with our Inspire diet. Two and a half years later, I am now at goal weight, and discovered it’s NEVER too late. You can do this!! Jump right in and get it done, you will feel so amazed and empowered. Promise!! -Alison

  78. sara vidrine says:

    OMG! Exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I’ve got 27 pounds of regain because of stupid chips and crackers! I WILL beat this.

  79. Kitty says:

    I just finished reading this article and “Wham” it slapped me in the face. Just what I needed. I have been slowly gaining and now have 25 lbs of regain. All because of a potato chip, a cookie, fast food which I took off the bun, a couple of croutons, sampling while I cook and not paying attention to what I am suppose to be eating, i.e. protein first,…etc… I am going to start the pouch reset tomorrow…better yet, its my sister’s birthday today and we are all meeting at a pizza place. I am going to call her and change the plan for a cauliflower pizza plan at home and a movie night.
    Thank you so much for the reminder and the fantastic article.

  80. Michelle says:

    I’m so thankful that I found this group. On my 6 month check up, I told my doctor how proud I was that I didn’t eat any of my birthday cake my coworker brought me. She got a sad face and said “ aww that’s sad. Maybe next year you will celebrate with at least one bite of cake” this appointment changed my thinking. I thought “ oh what’s one bite going to hurt?” Well, a year later, ( now 16 months out ) I’m working on losing regain. Plus, I never got to goal…I didn’t even get 50 lbs close to goal. Now when people say…oh what’s one bite? As of January 1st,I say no thanks.

  81. Erin says:

    I know i probably shoukdnt post here, but read your article and had to reply. I never had surgery,but i did weigh 300 pounds at one time. I list the weight,and kept it off for 4+ years. I just want to say that your tough love approach is absolutely wonderful and the only way weight loss will truly work. I know i can never eat the way i used to. I no longer miss the things i once did,and times when i want to indulge,i remind myself how goid i feel after having spent my whole life overwight. Keep doing what your doing because anyone who is serious about weight loss will learn from you and realize your way is right.

    • Susan says:

      Wow! You are certainly an inspiration. I’ve never had surgery either. The best eating plan I’ve tried is low carb which I stuck with for 10 months and then Christmas happened. Unfortunately it’s been over a year and I haven’t managed to get back to it for more than a few weeks at a time. Keep up the fantastic job you have done with your weight!

  82. Susan says:

    I have had a weight problem most of my life but have never had any bariatric surgery. I’ve often thought about it but do have a question. When I learned that a change in eating habits, not just in the quantity of food eaten but the kinds of foods, I wondered why have the surgery? If I could change my eating habits for life I wouldn’t need surgery! I guess previously I was looking for an easy fix but there really is no easy fix.

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Susan, this is a GREAT question, and one a LOT of us have pondered. Think about how many times we’ve started diets with a firm resolution to succeed, perhaps lose some weight, then slowly transition back to those old habits. That’s how many of us ended up on the OR table-we were tired of starting over-and over-and over. Sure, we can promise to eat right and exercise, but what do we have backing that up. Trust me, if it works long term, more power to folks, I am in awe of them. Most of us need a tool to help us achieve our goals. The surgery gives us a nice head start, whether it be metabolic, restrictive, or whatever, it’s up to us to adapt to eating properly for long term success. If someone can stick to the plan they create for health for life, then they could do well without surgery. Many of us needed that “extra push” to reclaim our health-and stay there. This article helps explain the reasoning. -Alison

  83. Christina says:

    RNY has saved my life and it has been the greatest gift but also an incredible responsibility. I got it done because of a mass that had been missed for over 5 years in a bad spot. Despite the wait and with the high chance of it turning into something malignant, the surgeon acted quickly doing a 2 hour open RNY also taking out my GB at the same time….fortunately by the time he got to it, it was benign. I’m less than a year out and I remember clearly the first bite of something sweet … I immediately puked it back up. And then I learned to avoid other things so I wouldn’t get sick. After a scary 2 months, I’m settled into routine again and doing fantastic! ;-). There’s hope and joy but there’s also a huge Sense of “better not mess up something good.” Already lost over 40 lbs and can definitely attest to can’t just have anything… for me it’s been a long process well worth it. I wish others positive results!

  84. Pam says:

    Love the encouragement that I get from this blog! I also love this blog! I am grateful that my daughter orders everything I need and want… really enjoy these products… I have discovered in making the shakes- I make almond milk ice cubes… gets shakes really ice cold! Delicious!

  85. Mary Daigle says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s testimony. I’ve had the gastric bypass 2 yrs. ago. I’ve only lost 90 lbs. I’m stuck at that. I gained 7 lbs back in 3 months. I’m at 194. I don’t want to go backwards. I haven’t been able to exercise in the last month. My neck was hurting real bad & ive been in therapy. It’s getting better but I can’t seem to get back to my walking. I used to do 30 minutes twice a day 7 days a week.. I used to be very adamant about it. I just can’t seem to get motivated again. I’ve been still going to my doctor every three months. She has me going every month right now because she doesn’t want me gaining anymore. I’m not to much on veggies. I love my fruit, especially watermelon. I’ve found out I’m only allowed 1 cup a day. I’ve definitely been eating too much. I’ve cut back to 1 cup a day . I know what I’m doing wrong. To many carbs. I have my protein shake for breakfast, my meals consist of beans & steak. Then I have my triple zero Greek yogurt. I get my protein of 60 -80 grams a day. I take all my vitamins. I’m wondering if I need to do the back on track program. Anybody have any suggestions.

  86. Cathy Mamola says:

    I have not had the surgery yet. I am looking to this site to help me finally find the answer. I quit other diet programs because of this permissive “its ok just get back on the horse type of counseling! Once and for all I have to treat simple carbs as poison and find my way back to good health.

  87. TERRY L HATER says:

    I wish this group had been around when I had my RNY 17 years ago. I lost 150 lbs, and then regained all but 50. There were no support groups around when I had my surgery. I didn’t know how to handle my weight loss, because I never really learned how to eat properly.

  88. Cathryn says:

    I noticed you didn’t mention whole grains like quinoa, whole grain bread, Brown rice etc. Do you still consider these “bad foods?”

    • Suzanne Shaw says:

      There are no bad foods. It’s what we DO to the food or how much we eat that makes it bad. For those who have to have Weight Loss Surgery, we have proven that we cannot control our mindset that those foods need things like butter, mayonnaise, sauces, cheese etc to taste good. Not to mention that they are typically foods that prevent us from getting vital minerals and fiber from vegetables and your protein from lean meats. Get your complex carbs in the form of strawberries and tomatoes, NOT foods that will set off your inner Fatbrain 😉

  89. Beth says:

    I’m 14 years post-op (RNY) and am bigger now than before surgery. That surgery was a revision of the gastric restriction bands they used in the late 80s. Both times I was not strong enough to follow through and re-gained the weight. I’m now trying the 2-day Reset hoping that will help my pouch tighten up a little. However, I fear my problem is not with my pouch, but with my esophagus, which ballooned into almost a second pouch between my first band and my revision. I’ve had several gastroenterologists tell me there’s nothing I can do about that. Has anyone else had this issue and can this ever be repaired?

    • Suzanne Shaw says:

      The damage to your esophagus should have been repaired after your revision to RNY, most Dr’s will take care of that 🙂

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