I hear a lot of folks say that the 'The Struggle is Real' but seriously... how real is the struggle AFTER bariatric surgery? IS the Struggle Real?


Want to know what the real struggle was for me? The struggle of being 425 pounds!

Struggling to find clothes that fit (hence my ordering from Roaman's catalogs).

Struggling to breathe when walking more than a few steps.

Struggling to fit on airplane seats, in chairs with arms.

Eating lean protein and vegetables? Not so much of a struggle (unless my husband cooks and then yeah, it's a struggle since the only thing he can make is ramen and reservations).

Packing an inspire bar in my bag so I don't eat the 'None of My Business' foods at the movies? Not so much of a struggle.

Getting in exercise a few days per week? Not so much of a struggle.

Finding clothes in my size? My husband and my debit card will tell you that's no struggle at all.

Pick a hard. Being overweight is HARD. Going back to basics and getting back on track can be HARD at first but the benefits are worth it, and so are you. Whether it's a kind word, a virtual hug, or me saying "Nope, girl... put down the peanut brittle and pick up the lettuce", we've got you.

I am Domonique Christian, a Chief Administrator for the Bariatric Eating Support Groups on Facebook. Reach out to me. Always there to help, will never steer you wrong.
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