Prepare your favorite tuna salad with a half and half blend of Hellmann's mayo and Greek yogurt and pop it into a romaine boat with pickles and garnishes!

Voila, a really good tasting and fast to the plate lunch or supper. Sometimes it just takes a little extra to think OUTSIDE the box.

For a MEGA protein Bariatric Tuna Sub, whisk 2 teaspoons PURE Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate into the mayo yogurt before folding in the tuna. It's all about sneaking a little protein into everything you eat. Making sure it's protein first. Making sure everything going into your mouth counts. Making sure what IS good to eat is not wrapped in a blanket of bread that while not bad for you, serves to take up space you need for protein and nutrients.

Remember when you were a kid and you hung onto that dollar because you wanted to make sure you spent it on something good? Same thing here. You don't want to spend your valuable pouch space on bread when the tuna is the protein star.

If you are too new a post op to eat romaine lettuce, use a fork!

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