Hard Bariatric NO NO NO's You Might Not Want to Hear

You Can't Expect Change Without Hearing (and Embracing) The Hard NO's

  • Don't eat that bread!
  • Noooo... that latte has 45 grams of sugar!
  • No macaroni salad.
  • Ummm, NO, you don't NEED crunch.
  • NO tortillas.
  • No rice.
  • Drop the crackers.
  • You don't *need* real sugar in your coffee!
  • Do NOT drink with your meals.

Most Support Groups will give you a hug and tell you it's okay that you ate the potatoes and bagel with your eggs because everyone makes mistakes.

We are not that group.

Groups who tell you not to worry because it's 'Everything in Moderation' are not doing you any favors... they are simply WRONG. They are telling you what you WANT to hear while you wander down a road straight to regain. We know this to be fact. Whether you are ready to hear it or not is up to you.


There is no delicate way to say this. We have always set ourselves apart from other bariatric support groups in that we don't look the other way while post ops continue to eat the *bad* carbs. We try and bring folks back to bariatric reality. We coax you to knock off the pasta, rice, tortillas or bread and very often people get mad or fight to justify it. For years we have watched people blow through this surgery and they all have the same story. Everyone thinks they are different, that they can handle the bad carbs and the sugar (they don't get sick!) and because they have lost 100 pounds in 7 months they must be doing something right. Please understand, the surgery was responsible for your 100 pound drop. It was a gift.


It is a critical point so we repeat it often - your surgery did it, not you. You are not driving the car for the first year. While it works early on, eating smaller amounts of the same foods that grew you to 300 pounds is not a good long term plan. Eventually you will be able to eat larger portions. Ask yourself WHY eating the same bad carbs and processed foods would be a good plan. No doctor has advised any of us to eat the same way post op as we did pre op. Post ops pick this up somewhere, latch on to it and defend it, often to the bitter end of a total regain. If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of quitting them.


It's not that the bagel will kill you, it's that these type of carbs make you hungry. They rapidly turn to glucose and burn. Poof, gone, #lookingformore. They don't provide any nutrients. They don't create a feeling of satiety or lasting fullness. The empty carbs work against what you are trying to achieve.

If you were arguing for eating salad carbs or green bean carbs, more power to you, but most people are fighting to hang on to foods without value. If this big argument was for VEGETABLES, well it wouldn't be a debate as vegetables didn't make us fat, did they? Did you ever meet an obese vegetarian and silently wonder 'HUH?, how'd they get obese if they are vegetarian?'

Same deal. It's not the vegetables, it's the other stuff, the processed carbs like French Bread Pizzas and Little Debbie Iced Oatmeal Pies, the fries, baked potatoes with both sour cream and butter, bread, macaroni, rice, tortillas and sugar! NOT broccoli. NOT tomatoes. NOT watermelon.


Please stop looking for slightly better substitutes for bad choices - find new healthier foods to love instead. We keep trying to force that square peg into that round hole. Stop eating crackers and chips, don't find ones to justify because they have fewer carbs. Enough with the terrible fishy shirataki tofu miracle noodles and chick pea macaroni and coconut flour wraps. Learn to live without bread and pasta so it will not call your name. We aren't changing the behavior or trend if we continue eating them with just slightly shifting the choice. Without change, before long your hand is back in the Doritos bag with a fork in the Mac and Cheese.


Don't add protein to muffins and convince yourself they're good for you. Stop with the Starbucks Mocha Lattes because 'they're your one indulgence'. They have 500 calories and thin people don't drink them. For gosh sakes DO NOT MAKE TACO SHELLS FROM CHEESE! Stay the heck out of Wendy's. I saw the headline of a bariatric blog the other day touting all the 'good choices' in fast food restaurants. How about STAY OUT OF THEM. That's the best choice of all! Why go to the place where you know there is danger. Before you know it, oops - there are fries in your bag!


In our first year of our Support Group on Facebook I cried for new members who have gained back all their weight. I am not immune after almost 20 years, three bariatric books and knowing better. When life hit the fan, I comforted my bruises in the way I knew best and it took me twelve months to lose fifty eight pounds of it. People are having revisions, a lovely sounding word for a second serious body damaging operation. What will change with more surgery - you already had most of your stomach removed, what other organs do you want to give up? Unless there is a major mindset and food change along with that new surgery, won't it have the same result? Unless you have a hole somewhere, more surgery does not fix anything. [before anyone gets shorts in a wad, I'm not talking about revisions for reflux]


Own that there was and maybe still is something wrong with your food picker. Use surgery as an opportunity to change, not cheat. I used to be bothered by the 'word on the street' that we were called food police, but I am now proud of it. If you want to promote the virtues of 'Everything in Moderation' while eating half a Subway sandwich, there are plenty of groups that will help you do that. If you want to eat right and learn new behaviors to make the feeling of slipping on those skinny jeans last, we are the support group and website that is a much better fit.


Our surgery is a personal food cop that is always with us, that helps us push away from the table. We make it hard when we don't live by the bariatric rules we've been given. There is nothing harder then gaining weight back after surgery. There is nothing better than losing it a second time. Control is empowering.

If you need to pick up and start losing again, if you need to work off a regain, it's not too late and your pouch works just fine if you choose the right foods. Clean those lethal carbs from your life and go back to bariatric eating rules of protein first and lots of fresh salad and vegetables. We've got the Support and the Inspire Diet for you to make that change!