A lot of people struggle with motivation and not understanding what it actually takes to get to goal and stay there.

They create a ton of excuses and fall victim to thinking the ones who have gotten there must be more motivated than we are.  Yes, I slipped myself in there at the end because I've done it, and if you are reading this I know you have too.

The fact is, the ones who got to goal the first time and stayed there or even the ones who lost a Regain and didn't have a second Regain are not Fancy Bariatric Unicorns. They didn't just decide to lose weight and then wake up thin. 

They didn't just wake up the next day after they declared they'd get back on track and not crave toast with their morning egg, or bacon and cheese with lots of mayo on that burger with the big fluffy bun when they went to lunch the next day. Nor did they wake up able to deadlift 150 pounds or run a half marathon.

Personally I can promise you that after 10 years of not putting real sugar into my coffee every morning I have a real debate with myself about whether or not I should put real sugar in my coffee every morning instead of the zero calorie Splenda that does the exact same job with no extra calories. If I'm being honest, that's where the rest of my "struggle" starts about 20 min after I roll out of bed every single day. Because right after that I have to make some breakfast and then plan and do things like decide if I'm going to win the day, and keep focused on my goals for the day that will help me on my goals for the week and the month which of course lead me to my big picture goals. OR, if I throw a day away and start tomorrow. Every day, there's not a day that goes by I don't have to do these things, and those things have to be reconfirmed all day long too. I can view this one of two ways:

  • I can see it as being exhausting, and therefore painting it all in a negative unhappy light.
  • I can see it in the positive way and take it to mean that I'm focused.

    Taking it back to my point I can promise you that every single one of of the people out there who had Bariatric surgery and are at Goal, aren't any stronger, aren't more committed or and are not any more motivated than you are.

    Why? Because they aren't different from you.

    But it's that consistency that makes the difference. It's not perfection, it's not motivation. It's just sticking with things consistently. You've got this!


    ~~ Embracing Bariatric Life with a Smile, Suzi Shaw!

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