Bad habits and Regain start with the Five C's: Cocky, Cavalier, Combative, Complacent, and Comfortable.

You’ve lost "100 pounds in 7 months!” and suddenly you've become the expert on how Bariatric surgery and postoperative metabolisms work. You eat off plan "Here and there." and enjoy your "Few fries" and “Just two Oreos because they are like 67,932 meals for me". You may get a few "not a good idea" comments, but you don't care. You've lost 100 pounds in 7 months. "Chill, folks, I've got this!" Or do you? Cavalier Jane says you do. Reality Rhonda says you don't. This is when the combative side comes out and you want to fight your relatives (or social media groups) for tortillas, keto kasseroles, and why you didn't have surgery to be on a diet. It's not hurting your family, and it sure isn't hurting the facebook support group. But it's hurting you.

Suddenly the weight loss stops. The "two Oreos" that used to last you several thousand meals aren't lasting you several seconds. Suddenly it's a little easier to reach for a bag of chips than reach for that protein lunch you were supposed to have today. You're up a couple pounds but figure it's due to "inflammation" from that hardcore walk you did to the mailbox. "It's all Dr says that you go up a few once you get to goal." Only one problem here is that you're not at goal or you can't seem to stay in maintenance.

By now you've just gotten comfortable with the situation even though your hips are uncomfortable with your clothing. Things are tight, and you've had to go shopping for a few items of clothing because they've suddenly "shrunk". You're feeling some sort of way -- embarrassed, mad, depressed, and you don't know whether you want to address the problem, hide in the corner, contact your team, or ask for help. This is when the fork meets the road and whether you either take charge or lay in the middle of the road of life waiting for the magical unicorn to save you.

Today make the "C" choices that keep you either losing or maintaining at goal. Be COMPLIANT with your food, exercise, water, and vitamins. Be CONFIDENT that you can lose the weight again if you've gotten yourself off course. Be CHOOSY about what you put into your body and how you treat it, and be CONSISTENT with your choices. Finally accept that CHANGE takes CHANGE.

Need help? We can help you. However, this involves you speaking up, being honest and being willing to do the work involved. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Come join our Bariatric Support Group on Facebook. We'd love to help you do what it takes to change your life, because we know you can!

Written by Facebook Support Group Leader & Admin:

Domonique Christian, MS, CNC, CBC, BCHP
Maintaining a loss of 260 pounds with no regain since 2018
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Holistic Wellness and Health Coach
Board Certified Bariatric Counselor
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Board Certified Drugless Practitioner
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