We are surprised by members of our Support Group on Facebook who have no idea of the scope of tools we offer those who have had weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Eating is not just group on Facebook - we offer REAL help and have touched the lives of millions of bariatric post ops. We are the most successful team for bariatric weight loss on the planet. There’s not a single doctors program, hospital plan or anyone out there who has addressed regain or stalls with anywhere near the success of Bariatric Eating and The Inspire Diet.
See for Yourself!
The Plan You’ll Need to Take Back Control

We have a REAL plan that will help you do more than just get that scale moving - our plan will help you to change the bad habits you've slid back into, so you can keep the weight off for good. We help you change the way you think and live. The Inspire Diet is your tool for real change that lasts!

Recipes and Food Ideas

Stop saying that you don't cook and instead spend a few minutes a day LOOKING at what we offer. We have everything from cooking tutorials & easy plates to assemble to cocktails & party foods. Dishes to take to a gathering that are so delicious EVERYONE will want the recipe and no one will know it's balanced and allowable on your plan.

Our recipes have been developed by Bariatric Eating's team who have all undergone bariatric surgery and still loves to eat good food. Her best selling book, Before & After, was published shortly after and nominated for three international culinary awards. She will guide you to real food, that tastes great - its the help that you've been looking for. Come cook with us! You're going to LOVE the food we eat!

Advice and Pro Tips

Now is the time to be honest with yourself, stop making excuses, and start making progress. Educate yourself - we know that protein is important but dig deeper to understand why cheese isn't a good protein source because of all that fat. Our articles are more than lip service. It's a real Bariatric Education, by Post-Ops, for Post-Ops. Tips and Tricks you need!

Podcasts That Tell You The Way It Is

Need an extra push? We have a Podcast with over 25 hard hitting episodes for you to binge on. You can listen from anywhere and use them to stay motivated! Suzi Shaw shows you the path that she has blazed to goal. Real Talk with Suzi Shaw will embolden you!

A Naturopathic Physician for a whole new angle

Do you feel abandoned by your Surgeon and Team? Come meet Dr Andrew Myers, a naturopathic physician whose expertise is in holistic medicine and therapeutic nutrition. He's poised to help guide us all through life after bariatric surgery in a new way that will make sense to you. Come and Meet Dr. Myers, you'll love his vibe as much as we do!

Protein and Vitamins to keep you fit and strong

Inspire - Journey - Believe. Our products are of the highest-quality and formulated specifically for those who have had Bariatric Surgery. We meet the nutritional supplement guidelines of even the strictest surgical centers and have worked with medical professionals to formulate the right balance of nutrients..

The best part? We understand that taste is important - the most nutrient rich drinks will sit on a shelf if you don't like them.

Our company works with the worlds best flavor houses to create food profiles that taste fantastic - Coffee Ice Cream, Mexican Chocolate, Banana Bread, Italian Ragu, Beef Stroganoff and Everything Bagel are just a few of our flavors.

Check out the Best Bariatric Store on the planet

See? We are so much more than just a Facebook group. We've got the real life tools and experience that you can use to get over the mountain you face. We've been helping post ops for over 20 years and we can help you too!
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk